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Everyday we hear and talk about the newest technological advancements, such as satellite education, Internet links, networks and much more. Life in North America is almost solely governed by computer systems. Now you can surf the Internet for an endless bounty of information, you can purchase almost any item or service from the convenience of your home. All this is made possible with the knowledge of and access to a home computer. However, youth and People in Africa do not have this luxury. North America (Canada), became home to many Africans and people from other developing countries. Among those are Refugees and Immigrants and Afro-Canadian youth who became Citizens and now live permanently in Canada. However, the development of new computer technology is making life a little difficult for new comers and youth. Many employers require some level of computer knowledge, which a lot of these people do not have, ACTLAP can assist these people to get the skills required.

Computer and Technology:

Can be easily defined. However, we, (ACTLAP), would rather define technology as the power of the mind to make use of what life has given to us to conquer nature and break natural barriers as we strive to make our living simpler, easier and more beautiful. On the other hand we would define the computer as a devise which reduces the mathematics/ arithmetic/ logic of life to meaningful information which would make our life easier and decision and communication faster because of its ability to go to the root of our digital world: numbers.

As observed by one writer, the side effect is not that this computer will behave and reason like man but man would behave and reason like the computer. This is now happening, the younger generations are more intelligent than their predecessors. This trend is begging us to give the young a chance to unravel this secret, that every thing we do is numbers. If Philip Emegwali, an African, from Nigeria is among those behind the super computer technology, then as observed by the then U.S. President Bill Clinton said on his visit to Nigeria in August 26th 2000, “there are many Emegwalis’ begging to be given an opportunity in Africa and around the world at large to contribute and possibly to define a new direction to the world of computer and technology”.

What we see as the science of today started as science fiction. Today they are reality. We dream of an ACTLAP magazine, where everyone will be given the opportunity to contribute, An ACTLAP movie, where our African Technology would be showcased.